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Why Use Us

Challenges vs Responses

Response : The Connaught Service Delivery Model(CSDM)is built around a permanent core team of experienced managers and supervisors who transfer knowledge to each new project.
Response : The CSDM ensures data quality in two ways: The experience of the core team transfer best practice during on site data capture ensuring a very short learning curve; and this is complemented by Connaught Services data analysts who cleanse the data before review by the client QA.
Response : The CSDM is supported by a solid sourcing strategy using established channels for contingent staff alongside the resources of alliance partners and extensive use of digital media to create a database of available resource. Maintaining a ratio of core staff to contingent staff ensures surge capability does not compromise quality.
Response : The CSDM has at its core a team of skilled individuals who are able to solve problems, make decisions and interact with the client to address immediate operational challenges. A defined escalation and communication process allows for timely resolution of issues at the correct level. The client can focus resource away from the supervision of a contractor onto true value adding tasks.
Response : Connaught Services will bring the extensive experience of the leadership team to the relationship and channel all the skill sets of the organization to be seen as a true partner offering solutions and ideas based on real learning from real projects.
Response : Connaught will supply from an extensive network, individuals who can work within organisations to fulfill an immediate need and provide knowledge transfer to develop longer term in-house resource.