A Leading Provider of Asset Management Services and Solutions Across the GCC

Connaught Services provides asset management services and solutions to governmental and private organizations operating in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other GCC countries. We do this by providing practical solutions, delivered in a flexible way to support the maturity of your organization and your unique requirements.

Connaught Services
Who We Are

An Integrated Service Delivery Model Supported by Experienced People, Technology Solutions and Carefully Selected Alliance Partners

Connaught has assembled a team of highly experienced practitioners to support our clients on our asset journey, from establishing a fixed asset register to strategic solutions that can drive long term effectiveness and efficiency.

Led by Saudi Arabia, GCC countries are rapidly reforming and modernizing their economies to support future visions of their evolving business environments and societies. An essential ingredient to realizing this transformation is changing the way that organizations account for and manage their assets. Accounting reform and the need for spend efficiency are the primary drivers in most cases, but the objective of generating greater value through asset productivity is the end game. At Connaught we believe we are well placed to help your organization unlock that value.

Who We Are

Technical Knowledge & Experience

The Connaught team brings proven, practical experience and technical expertise to guide you on your journey.

Our management team have worked with major organizations in the GCC to support their asset related objectives-whether these be accounting reform, privatization, asset transfer or asset productivity. This has allowed them to focus not just the “what” but more importantly the “how” through the deployment of specialist support resources, enabling technology and alliance partners that can bring complimentary expertise and solutions.

We will not only advise what to do but will help you do it, leaving the learning inside your organization.



"... we couldn't be happier with the service provided by Connaught"

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Connaught Services
Who We Are

Experience Counts

The management team that has developed the concept and strategy behind Connaught Services has over 120 years combined experience in the sector gained with ‘Big 4 Accounting’, FTSE 100 International and Sector Leading local, organisations. We recognize the new market dynamic and have positioned Connaught Services to ensure that businesses gain access to the right services to enable success.