What We Do

Provide tailored and integrated solutions to organizations in the GCC to enable them successfully complete their asset journey and objectives

What We Do

Multi-Sector Expertise

This crosses a range of sectors but, in particular, Government and Public Services, Energy and Infrastructure Development Sectors (including construction and project management). 

Our teams include:

  • Arabic and non-Arabic speakers
  • Managers and staff with strong focus on engineering, finance and accounting, technology and asset management
  • Specialists deployed on project specific contracts, recruited from within the GCC as well as global markets such as the UK.
  • Specialists from our alliance partners who bring specific technical knowledge and expertise.
Connaught Services
Connaught Services
What We Do

Integrated Service Delivery

Our services can be delivered either in a modular or integrated way. Our experienced team will work with you to come up with the most practical way to achieve your objectives.

  • Asset count and verification
  • Asset tagging
  • Inventory audits
  • Subscription based cycle counting delivered as a managed service
  • Asset register design and preparation
  • Strategic asset management, including asset mobility and productivity, capital planning and asset lifecycle management